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  • Competitive Prices on Solar Panels

  • From Small to Large Projects

  • We Provide a Variety Solar Brands

EWT Solar specialises in the supply and distribution of solar panels globally directly from the manufacturer.


Why buy retail when you can buy wholesale?


With years of operating experience in China, our team based in Shanghai, North Italy and the Gold Coast, has successfully built solid relationships with a number of top tier manufacturers.

EWT Solar understands the complex cultural differences and business models found in China, giving us a competitive advantage over our peers. We are currently focusing on the supply of solar panels to the growing Australian market, and have supplied to a number of projects around the world.

The success of EWT Solar is based on providing our clients with high end solar panels at the most competitive prices.  By eliminating intermediaries and substantially reducing overheads, we are able to deliver our products to our clients, saving them time and money.

With regular visits to the factory floor, our team is able to insure that all products are manufactured and tested with the most rigorous standards.  Once the panels have been produced, EWT Solar commit to a speedy delivery to your door.

Why pay large prices by purchasing your solar panels from distributors, when you can go straight to the manufacturer, hassle free?

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